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You can donate any of the following items to IMMS by shipping/mailing the items to:

Institute for Marine Mammal Studies
10801 Dolphin Lane
Gulfport, MS 39503

Or you may also drop the items off at our new facility. Please call us to schedule a drop off time: (228) 896-9182 or to alert us to expect a delivery.

IMMS Wishlist

Thanks to all those who have donated! We have recieved large quantities of towels and DAWN soap and we are greatful for the response!
Be A Part Of IMMS Forever!
Limited brick pavers available!

The Institute for Marine Mammal Studies would like to invite you to be a part of our new facility. We are currently under construction, and will be located on the southern banks of the Bernard Bayou Industrial District, just east of Cowan-Lorraine Rd.  We are offering a unique opportunity for you to show community support and add a piece of you, your family, or your business to our family.  Show that you support marine conservation and the recovery of the Gulf Coast.

Donor levels are as follows:

  • Sea Turtle - $100 donation* (family name added to plaque)
  • Sea Lion - $250 donation* (family name added to plaque)
  • Shark - $500 donation* (brick paver, family name added to plaque)
  • Dolphin - $1000+ donation* (brick paver, family name added to plaque, partial exhibit sponsorship)

To order, please return the completed application (temporarialy unavailable 7/27/16) to IMMS by mail, fax (228-896-9183), or email sales@imms.org.

Mailing Address
P.O. Box 207
Gulfport, MS 39503

*All donations are tax deductable
** Pavers will be laid following completion of the facility

Sponsor A Museum Exhibit
When the IMMS Center for Marine Education and Research opens in 2008, one of the most anticipated features will be the myriad of educational opportunities for students along the Gulf Coast. To continue with our mission of promoting research, education, recreation and conservation, we will invite school groups and youth organizations to visit IMMS and learn more about the animals that live in and around the Gulf of Mexico. The highlight of each field trip will be a guided tour through our museum. IMMS staff members have spent the last year designing and planning dynamic and interactive exhibits that we believe visitors will find entertaining and informative.

We need your help to make our museum a success. If you are interested in sponsoring one of our museum exhibits, please contact us! For donations of $1,000 or more, your name (or your organization’s name) will be placed on a Sponsor’s Plaque next to the exhibit of your choice.

  • “Seeing with Sound” – An interactive graphic light display that will teach guests just how dolphin echolocation works. $6,000
  • “Cetacean Communication” – An interactive display that will provide guests the opportunity to “see” and hear vocalizations of dolphins and whales using spectrogram images and sound recordings. $8,000
  • “Whales and Dolphins of the Gulf” – A map that illustrates every species of cetacean found in the Gulf of Mexico, and includes marine mammal stranding data from the past 11 years. $1,500
  • “Sea Turtles of the Gulf” – An educational poster that depicts the 5 species of sea turtles found in the Gulf of Mexico, including stranding averages. $1,000
  • “Mississippi Endangered Species” – A diorama displaying scenes of marsh and shore areas with actual replicas of many of Mississippi’s endangered species. $85,000-$150,000
  • “The Truth About Trash” – A very informative exhibit that tests your knowledge about just how long it takes different trash items to decompose. $8,000
  • “Fossil Dig” – A sandbox with hidden treasures! Guests can search for seashells and shark’s teeth, and even take home their treasure! A display is available to encourage guests to learn more about sharks. $9,000
  • “Fish or Mammal?” – Is a dolphin a fish or a mammal? An educational graphic panel describing characteristics of dolphins, mammals, and fish. $1,000
  • “Teeth or Baleen?” – Did you know that not all whales have teeth? An educational graphic panel describing differences between baleen and toothed whales. $1,000
  • “Dolphin or Porpoise?” – Are there really differences between dolphins and porpoises? You will know the answer to this question after viewing this educational graphic panel. $1,000
  • “Seal or Sea Lion?” – Which animal can walk on land? A graphic panel that will educate people on these two groups of animals and their differences. $1,000
  • “IMMS to the Rescue!” – A walk-around display featuring the role IMMS plays in dolphin rescue/rehabilitation on the Gulf Coast, and what you can do to help stranded dolphins! $8,000
  • Donor Dedication Wall – A wall dedicated to our charitable donors who have generously contributed $50 or more to IMMS. $1,000
Help Save A Dolphin
It can be very costly to rescue and rehabilitate a dolphin. The cost of completely rehabilitating a single dolphin can be anywhere from $50,000 - $100,000.

IMMS is a non-profit organization, so every little bit helps.

Your donations may also help IMMS fund it’s many other endeavors. Your gifts will be used for:

  • Veterinary care and husbandry- biomedical supplies and equipment, medical testing such as blood analyses, microbiology, lab procedures (x-rays, ultrasound, surgery, etc.), food, and medicines
  • Field work - boat and airplane time and animal transport equipment
  • Labor expenses associated with all aspects of care for stranded animals.
  • Construction and supplies for a new facility for research, rescue, and rehabilitation of stranded marine animals.

These are just some of the ways in which your contributions will assist us in our quest to help these special animals in need of attention.

Thank you so much for your kindness and desire to get involved!

All donations are welcome. Recommended donation amounts are $2.00, $5.00, $10.00, $20.00 and above.

Please mail your check or money order to:

The Institute for Marine Mammal Studies
P.O. Box 207
Gulfport, MS 39502

Or to make an online donation using your credit card, please specify an amount below and click on "Donate" to continue:

Please specify an amount: $

You can also help IMMS by donating an item(s) from our Wish List.

IMMS is looking for exhibit sponsors for its brand new interactive museum. Click here for details.
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