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Student Mini-Camps

Student Mini-Camps are available to field trip groups for one-, two-, or three-day hands-on exploration of coastal wetlands, beach and barrier islands, pollution, fisheries, and climate change and include encounters with exotic birds, sea turtles, and marine mammals. Student groups learn firsthand about the plants, animals and habitats of the northern Gulf of Mexico beaches, salt marshes, nearshore islands, estuarine and Gulf waters. Admission fees are $35/day/participant.

Day 1 provides a three-hour morning program involving four, 25 minute experiential learning rotations and the afternoon encompasses a three-hour pontoon boat trip aboard the 36-ft. Curlew.

Day 2 routinely involves an all day-trip to Ship Island aboard the passenger ferry, the Gulf Islander (weather permitting).

Day 3 at IMMS involves a host of inquiry-based activities. All boat fees are included in the $35/day participant fees. A minimum of 20 participants is required for programmatic implementation. For more information contact Whitney Stone at 228-896-9182 ext. 1772 or wstone@imms.org.


Dormitory type housing is available through the Seashore United Methodist Assembly located on the beach in Biloxi, MS (approximately 20 minutes from IMMS). Dorm rates are $100 for the first 10 persons and $10 per person up to $200 for a dorm room housing 20 persons. Private rooms similar to hotel rooms are also available and range from $60 to $125 per night. Rates are flexible when working with groups. Meals average $7/meal. The only restrictions are a smoke free and alcohol free campus. For more information on housing at the Seashore United Methodist Assembly , contact Darlene Emile at Phone: 228-436-6767 or email: seashoreassembly@gmail.com.

Mini Camp on Ship IslandMini Camp on Ship Island

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