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Deep Water Horizon Oil Spill
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About the Spill

On April 20, 2010, an oil drilling platform 50 miles off the shores of Mississippi and Louisiana blew up and collapsed releasing thousands of gallons of oil. This oil spill could be detrimental to marine mammals, sea turtles, birds, and fish for many years to come. Rescuers from the Institute for Marine Mammal Studies will continue to respond to marine mammals or sea turtles that may have been compromised by the spill.

Sick or stranded marine mammals or sea turtles can be reported to IMMS by calling the IMMS hotline number 1-888-SOS-DOLPHIN (1-888-767-3657).

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Sea Turtle Rescue
News Articles
Date Source Article
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October 19, 2010 Oil spill wildlife: How many were saved?
August 31, 2010 Endangered turtles released into Gulf
August 31, 2010 Mississippi's first lady releases four Kemp's Ridley sea turtles in Gulf waters
August 30, 2010 What a release: Four Kemp's Ridley turtles back in Sound
August 30, 2010 Mississippi first lady helps release Kemp's Ridley turtles
July 30, 2010 Scientists say BP dispersants increase toxicity of oil
July 29, 2010 Passic Valley Today Clerk's oil spill clean up collection an overwhelming success
July 28, 2010 Rescued turtles released into Mississippi waters
July 23, 2010 Hundreds of eggs relocated
July 22, 2010 Weather threatening to shutdown oil cleanup in Gulf
July 22, 2010 Oil spill suspected of bringing an unusual number of turtles to Mississippi Sound
July 21, 2010 Lack of dolphin deaths a marine mystery
July 20, 2010 Giant sea turtle rehabbed in Gulfport
July 18, 2010 SunHerald TV: Oil Spill Turtles
July 18, 2010 146 lb. Turtle Rescued
July 14, 2010 Animal autopsies in Gulf reveal only a mystery
July 14, 2010 Staff works to save oiled marine life
July 13, 2010 Life in the Gulf
July 2, 2010 Gulf oil Spill: The plight of the sea turtles
June 30, 2010 Volunteers rush to move turtle eggs from Gulf to Atlantic
June 26, 2010 Rescued turtles go to Sea World for more rehab
June 25, 2010 Gulf fishing nets not oil may be culprit in initial sea turtle deaths
June 25, 2010 Dolphins beached on gulf shores
June 25, 2010 Rescued endangered turtles going to Disney World and Sea World
June 23, 2010 Worry Underwater: Oxygen levels drop as oil continues to flow
June 22, 2010 Saving the Gulf's turtles
June 15, 2010 Oil hasn't yet reached Biloxi beaches
June 14, 2010 Dr. Moby Solangi talks about testimony
June 12, 2010 Sea turtles' breeding tradition threatened
June 12, 2010 Saving the Gulf's wildlife
June 11, 2010 Oil Spill Far Worse Than Original Estimates
June 11, 2010 Sea camps even more significant with oil threat in Gulf
June 11, 2010 More dead turtles collected on Miss. Gulf Coast
June 11, 2010 21 dead turtles wash ashore in Harrison county
June 10, 2010 Dead turtles wash ashore
June 9, 2010 Two young sea turtles wash ashore in Harrison county
June 8, 2010 Director of the Institute for Marine Mammal Studies testifies before Senate panel
June 7, 2010 Institute director testifies to House
May 23, 2010 Wicker: Institute is prepared fro aftermath
May 23, 2010 Senator Roger Wicker made his first visit to the Institute for Marine Mammal Studies
May 18, 2010 Three Kemp's Ridley turtles found alive on Coast beaches
May 18, 2010 SUNHERALD TV: Sea turtles rescued
May 18, 2010 Turtles rehabbing at Gulfport facility
May 11, 2010 Oil spill injures marine life
May 11, 2010 Dead marine animals being tested; oil not suspected as killer
May 6, 2010 Dr. Moby Solangi on the oil's impact on marine life
May 6, 2010 Saving marine wildlife from oil spill
May 5, 2010 Teams prepare for influx of oil injured marine life
May 4, 2010 Dead turtles wash up in Gulf of Mexico; no link yet to oil spill
May 4, 2010 Sos dal pronto soccorso per delfini e tartarughe
May 4, 2010 Scientists study possible impact of oil spill on marine life
May 4, 2010 Culf Coast watches, waits for path of oil spill
May 4, 2010 No oil found on 35 dead turtles in Gulf of Mexico
May 4, 2010 No oil found on 29 dead turtles in Gulf of Mexico
May 3, 2010 Turtles washing up in Gulf, but no link extablished yet to oil slick
May 3, 2010 Miss. coast town has little to do, but wait
May 3, 2010 Oil spill could devastate wildlife
May 3, 2010 Weather problems for US oil spill
May 3, 2010 Oil spill's potential effect on Gulf's Wildlife
May 3, 2010 Oil slick continues to approach the Gulf Coast shores
May 3, 2010 Gulf oil spill: 23 dead sea turtles wash ashore in Mississippi
May 3, 2010 Winds holding Gulf oil spill offshore
May 3, 2010 No evidence of oil found in dead sea turtles, other oil spill news from the Gulf Coast
May 3, 2010 Massive oil slick threatens U.S. Gulf Coast
May 2, 2010 Volunteer training begins to help protect wildlife
May 2, 2010 Dead wildlife turning up in Pass Christian
May 2, 2010 Dead sea turtles washing up along Gulf Coast
May 2, 2010 Scientists, volunteers prepare for marine animal rescue effort in Gulf oil spill disaster
May 1, 2010 Weather hampers preparations for animal resuce; rehabiliation center to train volunteers
May 1, 2010 20 sea turtles found dead along Miss. beaches
May 1, 2010 Associated Press photos of sea turtle at IMMS
May 1, 2010 Dead turtles wash up in Pass Christian
May 1, 2010 Volunteers train for oil spill impact on animals
May 1, 2010 Locals line up to help Coast cleanup
April 30, 2010 Miss. center preparing to handle oily mammals
April 30, 2010 Biologist: Spill could be the worst environmental disaster in the United States
April 30, 2010 Gulfport Institute prepares to rescue marine animals harmed in oil slick
April 30, 2010 Institute for Marine Mammal Studies prepares to search for injured animals
April 27, 2010 CTV News Channel: Moby Solangi on the threats
April 23, 2010 Gulfport marine rescuers prepare to respond to oil rig disaster
April 23, 2010 Oil spill could affect marine mammals
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